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Suzhou LQA - ISO14064 GHG Verification training was successfully finishedDate:2023-05-08 Browse:119 Source:LQA

Today, the worldwide Climate Change is one of biggest challenge to human being. Pre-actively solution is an liability of China government to achieve sustainable development. With its responsibility as a major country, China has actively participated in the global action against climate change, and has set the "two-carbon goal", striving to reach its peak by 2030 and achieve its neutrality by 2060.

In the context of the national "double carbon" target, how to accurately the implementation of GHG inventory and GHG verification is a necessary means to understand the total GHG emissions, for national GHG peak and neutral target to provide detailed and reliable basic data, according to the GHG source and emissions data to identify, analysis and formulate reasonable GHG emission and reduction mission, the realization of the GHG goal of "3060".


From April 27th to 28th. 2023, LQA successfully held the "ISO14064 GHG verification Training" in Suzhou city. This training is taught by CCAA master tutor, all the participants wholeheartedly, interact frequently and benefit a lot!


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